Primarily we practice immigration law and assist with Spain visas and travel, but we are diverse in capacity.

  1. We assist in proceedings and representation services mainly in Spanish immigration law.
  2. We provide businesses, employees, foreign resident citizens and foreign non-resident citizens with legal and consulting services in the areas of visa, immigration   and  business resources for opportunity.
  3. Purchase a property in Spain or investment projects.

Why Choose Spain?

Spain, the second largest country in Europe, is so diverse there is something for everyone. Spain is located in southwestern Europe in the Iberian Peninsula. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean to the east and to the south, Portugal to the west, the Atlantic to the southwest, and France, Andorra, and the Bay of Biscay to the north. The Balearic and Canary Islands are also part of Spain.

Whether you enjoy the beach, mountains, dry plains, tropical climates, skiing, trekking, long sandy beaches, hidden rocky coves, crisp cold mornings, long warm evenings, sitting by a warm fire watching it snow or sitting on a deckchair in the sun, sleepy rural villages, or some of Europe’s most modern cities, it’s there for you. Modern and affordable public transportation make seeing the entire country comfortable and within reach of everyone.

The Spanish people are fun loving and family-oriented. Bars open late, eating out is cheap and people are generally very relaxed. Spain is child-friendly too: on an ordinary Saturday night in most cities you’ll find everyone from young children to grandparents on the streets and in restaurants having a good time. Since the Spanish birthrate is low, children are doted on and grow up in a caring, multi-cultural environment. There is a wide range of educational options, from Spanish public schools to British schools to completely bilingual schools. Children also have the opportunity to experience extended family life, since older folk in Spain usually remain in the family home, instead of moving into nursing homes.

The cost of living in Spain is somewhat lower than the rest of the EU, and taxes are also lower. EU citizens have the same job rights and privileges as Spanish citizens, and they can work as freelancers or start their own companies in the same way as Spaniards do.

 Consultations are provided to corporations as well as individuals concerning the following aspects of Spanish Immigration law:Acquiring Spanish Nationality,Employment-Based Immigrant Visas,Tourist Visa and Letter of Invitation, Appication for self-employment visa,Business Visitor,European Union Citizen Permit.

Marla Vanessa Bojorge Zuniga also participated as speaker in the International Bar Association for Lawyers (IBA) and Union International des Avocats (UIA).

Bar: "Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Valencia" ICAV
Nº 12.990

CCBE: "representación de Abogados de Europa Nº 883"

"MB Marla Bojorge Zuñiga Abogado, servicios jurídicos MARCA NACIONAL Nº 3.666.588 , Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas 2017"