Spain could be a topic: "Having fun and summer vacations"...

On the contrary, you can buy a beautiful house and stay longer than a short vacation.

Additionally, Spain is the third most attractive European location for foreign companies' R&D centres

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Legal updates

"The regulatory and institutional framework in which they operate business activities is of vital importance to drive productivity gains and optimize resources.

It is therefore imperative that the public administrations will enhance and facilitate entrepreneurship, particularly in the current economic climate. It is necessary to establish an environment that promotes the entrepreneurial culture and the creation and development of business projects that generate employment and value added.

Support for entrepreneurship, business development and job creation is common logic that structures the set of measures set out in this decree-law."

Royal Decree-Law of entrepreneurial support measures and to stimulate growth and job creation

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May, 20th 2013 , the Ministry of Labour & Social Security announced the following issue about "THE COMING ENTREPRENEUR LAW"

"Spain will facilitate the entry and residence of foreign investors and entrepreneurs.......

  • evidencing an intention to invest economically relevant intending to undertake and create jobs in Spain.
  • Likewise facilitate attracting professionals highly qualified and researchers.

The National Reform Programme provides for a new visa regime and residence permits to boost the attraction of talent and investment, very agile and valid throughout the national territory, which is apply to foreigners who invest

  • in business projects creating jobs,
  • making an investment with impact socioeconomic importance
  • or a significant contribution in the scientific or technological innovation."

July,5th 2013 ,Bill Approved Assurance Market Unit

The law, aimed at ensuring the free movement of goods and services throughout the country

  • "Any product or service produced under any regional regulations may be offered at any point in Spanish territory without modification or additional procedure.
    The establishment of this principle immediately eliminates the cost of having to undergo seventeen different regulations to operate in Spain"

IMPORTANT: September, 19th 2013, Bill Approved "Entrepreneur Law"...Check this section shortly. It has to be published officially, then the law will be valid.

The project of the bill said....

"There is scope to improve the environment for research, development and innovation, as well as the use of information technology and communications, essential for the growth and competitiveness of a country. The research and development effort in the private sector .... is lower than in neighboring countries, and in a context of budget constraint like this, it is essential to create a framework that encourages private investment in this area.

International markets are a key source of growth in a context of globalization characterized by an integration of growing markets.

The economic crisis has shown the best performance of internationalized firms and the importance of internationalization as a growth and diversification of risk. Internationalized firms experience productivity gains, improved management, better ability to access funding and are ultimately have the greatest ability to grow and create jobs. Internationalization reveals more than ever as a key driver of long-term economic growth of the Spanish economy for its relation to the competitiveness and productivity gains.

In addition, international flows are changing much faster than our administration has been willing to adapt in recent years. Companies need to develop specific policies and practices to support its expansion in other countries and the government should adjust its processes to support these movements globally. In this sense, the number of professionals and managers  with the skills to manage business internationalization is, in some cases, insufficient and it is necessary for foreign professionals in very specific areas come to train them in Spain or Spain formed."

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Law in support of Entrepreneurs and Internationalization 14/ 2013


The new law regulates certain cases which, on the basis of economic interest, facilitates and expedites visas and residence permits, in order to attract investment in and talent to Spain. The measure is aimed at investors, entrepreneurs, workers engaged in an intrapreneurial move, highly qualified professionals and researchers, as well as spouses and older children, through an efficient and fast process under a single authority, and for a varying length of time depending on the specific case. Such residence permits shall be valid throughout the national territory.

Facilitation entry and residence

Entry and residence on the basis of economic interest


those who can demonstrate that they are:

a) Investors.

b) Entrepreneurs.

c) Highly qualified professionals.

d) Investigators.

e) Workers engaged in an intrapreneurial movement within the same company or group of companies.

It does not apply to EU citizens or those foreigners who have the right under the EU to apply for the as beneficiaries of the rights of free movement and residence.

Dependent relatives:

The spouse and children under 18 years of age or older who are objectively unable to provide their own needs because of health, which join or accompany such foreigners

-General requirements

Demonstration of the specific prerequisites for each visa or permit.

Compliance by such parties of the obligations established by the law .


Residence visa for investors.

1. Nonresident aliens who intend to enter Spanish territory in order to make a significant capital investment may apply for entry visa, or if applicable, residence for investors .

2 . A Significant capital investment must meet the following cases :

a) An initial investment equal to or greater than 2 million euros in Spanish government bonds, or worth equal to or greater than one million euros in stocks or shares in Spanish companies, or bank deposits at Spanish financial institutions.

b) The acquisition of real estate in Spain with an investment of equal or greater than 500,000 euros per applicant.

c) A business venture that will be developed in Spain and is considered and demonstrated to be in public interest, and for which it will fulfill of at least one of the following conditions:

1st. Job creation

2nd. An investment with relevant socio-economic impact in the geographical area in which the activity will develop.

3rd. An important contribution to scientific innovation and / or technology.